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Hi, I'm Shelley!

At Artful Connections, we teach caregivers, educators & social workers how to use the power of puppetry and expressive arts with their students, clients and family members.  Our workshops, online courses and “Create Dates” help transform your feelings of overwhelm and frustration into joy, calm & engagement with the people you teach and care for.


We are here to help!


If you are a caregiver to a person with dementia, check out our FREE Introductory online course,

Using the Arts to Create Joy & Connection

Check out our other online courses at the Artful Connections Learning Studio


For family caregivers in Peterborough Ontario, schedule a Create Date for your loved one with dementia, while you take a much needed break from your caregiving responsibilities.


For skills development and team building, check out our fun and creative  workshop offerings for Peterborough area schools, businesses, and organizations.


If you love puppets as much as we do, download our FREE inspiring Guide, Instructions or Video to get started in using the power of puppetry in your life & work (with people of any age)!  Just click on a button below.


 “Make a Sock Puppet

with Puppeteria”


"Puppets in the Classroom"


 “55 Ways to Start

Using Puppets Today!”

To learn more about Shelley, her puppetry programs and her online courses, check out the links at the top of the page.

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