A Journey into Puppetry in Long Term Care

Artful Connections

This is a very exciting week for me – a week of embarking on a new phase of learning and teaching as it relates to puppetry.  This week, I’m putting the final touches on a workshop for staff who work with people living in long term care.  On Tuesday morning, I’ll be delivering my workshop to staff at Fairhaven Long Term Care in Peterborough, Ontario.  Every participant will be creating their very own sock puppet, bringing it to life, and practicing a variety of ways to use their puppet in the work they do with the people who call Fairhaven their home.

Many people think of puppets as a child’s toy, but puppets are so much more than that!  Puppets have the ability to enhance communication, build relationships, solve problems, tell stories and tap into our sense of play and fun.  Tuesday’s workshop will be the first step in coaching care-givers to learn how to do just that; to learn to use their puppets to enhance their own work and the lives of the people they devote their time and energy to, through their work.  I feel grateful and honoured to kick-start this fun and creative journey with them.

I will also be on the learning end of this exciting journey as I begin to build relationships of my own, with the staff, volunteers and residents of Fairhaven.  I look forward to devoting time every week over the upcoming months, to building those relationships as a volunteer visitor, a workshop facilitator and a project coordinator as we work together to create puppet-based programs that will bring greater joy, creativity and connection to the lives of the residents, caregivers, family members and community who participate together.

I hope you’ll come along on this journey of learning with me, as I write about my experience in upcoming blog posts.