Making Kindness Count

The new year is such an exciting time. A chance to reflect on the past year (it was a great one!) and dream and scheme about the year ahead (we’ve got lots of plans!), all while feeling a little extra kick of motivation to get things moving and make some positive changes in our lives. Wow! If that doesn’t make you want to pick up a puppet and jump into the coming year, I don’t know what does!

One of the things the we just love about puppets and the art of puppeteering is the almost universal ability that puppets have to make people smile. Picking up a puppet can disarm even the most self-conscious and reluctant individuals, and can bring out a child-like silliness and sense of fun in almost anybody. So, we thought to ourselves, what better way to spread joy and kindness over the coming year than with…you guessed it…puppets!

Our goal is fairly simple: we have challenged ourselves to do at least one “puppet kindness or good deed” every day of the year. We’re off to a great start:

Sharing our favourite books with some special kidsĀ Blog Pic 3

Making a little boy’s birthday party extra special

Blog Pic 4

Bringing a classroom to life after the Christmas holidaysBlog Pic 1


Inspiring creativity

Blog Pic 5

Bringing a smile to a whole lot of faces

Blog Pic 2

We are sharing our daily act of kindness every day on Facebook. If you haven’t already, head on over and give us a “like” so that you can see what we’ve been up to each day. We’d love some ideas, too – what little acts of kindness have you witnessed lately? What is something small that would make your day?