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NEW! Schedule a "Create Date" for Your Loved One With Dementia

What is a "Create Date"?


Artful Connections' "Create Date" program gives family caregivers of people with dementia a much needed break while we engage their loved one in a “Create Date”.


We agree that Quality of Life is just as important as Quality of Care for people with dementia.  Quality of Life comes from meaningful connection, creative expression, a greater sense of purpose and moments of joy.  At Artful Connections, we take a "person-centered" approach to discovering the creative activities that promote Quality of Life for your loved one, even as cognition changes with the progression of the dementia.  Music, "dance" or creative movement, drawing, painting, collage, print-making, sculpture, puppetry, drama, life-story books, memory boxes, poetry, storytelling, and photography are all areas of creative exploration.


We want to support you with your Quality of Life as well, by helping to reduce some of the stress and overwhelm of being a caregiver.  We report back to you, which arts-based activities result in the most joyful and meaningful outcomes, so you and other family members can have your own “Create Dates” while enhancing Quality of Life and making “new” joyful memories with your loved one.


What is Involved in Scheduling the First Create Date?


Create dates are currently available for people with dementia who are living in Peterborough, Ontario.


If this is your first time booking a “Create Date”, we will arrange for a free, in-person consultation so you and your loved one can meet with Shelley King, owner of Artful Connections, and learn more about her approach to the creative process and co-creating.  During the consultation meeting, she will explore with you and your loved one:


  • What activities your loved one currently enjoys and enjoyed in the past.
  • What your loved one’s current level of physical & cognitive ability is.
  • How long & how frequently you would like the “Create Dates” to be.


The cost of a Create Date is $60.00 per hour.  This includes:

  • time to research and prepare the personalized “Create Date” activities
  • the scheduled length of time for the “Create Date” itself
  • a summary of each “Create Date”, which activities worked well, and complete activity instructions so you and your family members can enjoy your own “Create Date” with your loved one.




Call 705-957-9030 or email artfulconnections1@gmail.com

to arrange a consultation & exploratory meeting for your loved one with dementia.

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Bringing Stories to Life Through Puppetry


Artful Connections' Shelley King recently coordinated and facilitated an intergenerational project with residents from Fairhaven Long Term Care in Peterborough, Ontario.  This short little video captures the spirit of this awesome puppetry project.


If you work in, or know of, a retirement home or long term care home that would like to have a similar project, please contact artfulconnections1@gmail.com or call 705-957-9030 to discuss your ideas.


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