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Respect for individuality, compassion, empathy, and a sense of possibility are the key elements in all programs facilitated by Artful Connections

Abuse Prevention Training for Vulnerable People

 To prevent abuse, a vulnerable person must be able to recognize and identify the various forms of abuse, know how to report an abuse incident, and have a safety plan in place to avoid becoming a victim of abuse.

 Puppets are an excellent tool in demonstrating and teaching abuse prevention in a visual, but safe and respectful way. Participants problem-solve along with the puppets to create anti-abuse strategies that work for each individual.

Using Puppets as a Caregiver or Social Worker

  Whether you are working with individuals, families or groups; puppets have an important role in assisting with communication, self-expression,  problem-solving and healing. In this workshop, you will create a sock puppet to assist you in the work you do with others. As a group, we will explore a variety of ways puppets can give a voice to those who are too hurt, sad or confused to speak. Learn how to use puppets to teach difficult and sensitive topics (such as abuse, death, fear, etc.). Problem-solving strategies using puppets will be practiced.


Click on the button below, for your free instructions of how to create a sock puppet to assist you in the work you do with others.

Contact Shelley by phone or email to discuss your workshop needs.  Fees are dependent on length of workshops, number of participants and location.

We look forward to working with you!

Puppetry for Self-Discovery


Is something holding you back from the things you would really like to do in this world? People are sometimes torn between what they want to do and what they think they should do. Over time, we often become so removed from our truest desires, we struggle to identify what it is we really want to do with our lives.


In this hands-on workshop, you will create two hand puppets to assist you with this task. One puppet reflects your “inner critic” – the annoying and oppressive voice who puts you down and makes you feel like you’re never “good enough”. The second puppet represents your “inner cheerleader” – the voice who believes in you, encourages you to expand your comfort zone and recognizes the great things you’re capable of doing.

You will use your 2 puppets in a playful way to work through a number of activities to get to know both of those “characters” better, identify your truest desires and develop a strategy for living a happier and more meaningful life.




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